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11 documents you should have ready when applying to study abroad

documents needed to study abroad

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. If you want to study abroad, you need to be prepared for the adventure that awaits you.

Students at times find themselves forgetting to fill-out important documents, such as the Study Abroad Application, just to name a few. The basic things that you should be ready when applying for a study abroad program are listed here:

Documents required when applying to study abroad

Your Study Abroad application is time consuming. Fortunately, you will need an exhaustive list of documents. Here are a few key documents you’re likely to need for Study Abroad Erasmus applications worldwide: Online Financial Aid Federal Work Study Application Letter Scholarship Letter For an interview in

1. Application Form

The first thing the admissions committee will encounter while working with you is the form you fill out. Your application form should give a glimpse of what kind of person you are, your skills, and detailed evidence on the academic achievements. It is important to fill in your application form with accurate information and providing evidence for any special cases. Pay attention to your own mistakes so that you can avoid any last minute mistakes. Make sure to know the document type and format you are applying for. Remember that the uploaded documents will be reviewed by other people.

2. A passport

This is among the reasons behind making sure the passport you have is valid for at least six months after your return date. Failure to meet this condition can have important consequences, ranging from giving up essential rights to international travel. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment at your post office to ensure that your passport is valid.

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3. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This is a tutorial for the students and it will help them make sense of this essay. They have to blog about their goals for improving their STEM education. To make things even more challenging, the tutorial instructor will ask for a formal response with all key words and phrases highlighted by the students after they have formally blogged.

4. Academic Transcripts

One of your first tasks in your application is to submit official copies of your educational records, which is called your academic records. Following this, you will need to present academic course mark sheets. These are the consolidated record cards that signify the degree that you have acquired in the past. You must submit all document types for each year you have been enrolled.

5. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

In addition to our personal application materials, we typically introduce you to one another during the process. The Letter of Recommendation – alongside the application ourselves – is useful in this regard.

6. Standardized Study Abroad Exam Scores

If you are applying for a program that needs standardized tests scores, you should have them easily available. For international students, and some schools suggest that you verify if you can speak English, submitting proof of English proficiency is common. For undergraduate and graduate degrees, you may be required to take the SAT or ACT test if you are applying at the undergraduate level. International students may also need to take tests like the GRE or GMAT if applying for at master’s level.

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7. Proof of financial resources

You may require proof of your bank balance along with travel or living expenses. You can demonstrate this with bank statements. You may also provide proof of your student loan statement or any other income proof to show proof of income at the time of the visa application.

8. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

The Resume/CV is extremely helpful for those trying to apply to larger-sized schools such as the ones that recognize an MBA as a STEM degree. As such, international students especially MBA applicants are well aware that they’d be receiving the alumni discount from these schools so it’s important for them, during their application process, to have their resume/CV custom

9. Health Certificates

Specific health regulations vary depending on the country where a person resides. People must ensure that they have health insurance cards or can provide vaccine records or a health report.

10. Passport Photographs

To prove your identity, a certification application may require you to supply a photo with a close-up of your face, with passport stamps and page numbers indicating the date of your graduation, or with a diploma, certificate for completion of a course or level.

11. Proof of Accommodation

You may be required to show proof that you have secured accommodation in the city where you wish to study. If you plan on staying on campus, then you may need to show proof of funds necessary to pay for accommodation on campus.

To increase your chances of being accepted into your dream program, having all of these important documents at hand will be critical. We wish you all the best in your higher education endeavour!

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